I’m a full time metalsmith based in Richmond, Virginia. My jewelry and sculpture is informed by observations of the many places I’ve lived; from the Appalachian Mountains to Guatemala, isolated Montana to urban Texas. I love infrastructure, architecture, and the changes a population makes on its environment. I make one of a kind jewelry, small sculpture for the wall, and production wearables out of sterling silver, copper, steel, and whatever else I can find, and I spend much of my time making drawings and taking pictures.

This blog is here for me to tell stories about the work I’m making and the realities of life as an emerging artist. Here you can find the background info on where I’ve been and what new piece of infrastructure I’m obsessing over. You can also read about my many interesting part time jobs- from oriental rug repair to floral design to artist assisting.

Please head over to my website to get the full story: http://caitiesellers.com


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