Mission Series

Hi friends! As promised, I have been working on a series based on my home here in San Antonio. This city is all over the place- art deco stucco on one side of the street, victorian mansions on the other. The Alamo is literally across the street from Ripley’s Believe It or Not and Del Sol (shirts change color in the sun!!!) It lives in the center of a strange triangle that is a prehistoric native presence, Spanish colonization, and Texas… which is Texas. In Houston there was a bit of a lack of history, an absence of a united culture because no one was from there and the city’s values were different. Here in San Antonio I’m overwhelmed by a distinct personality. In order to understand it and make something that I felt was truly representative and recognizable, I went to the Missions. These communities were built in the mid 1700’s as Spanish Colonizers settled along the San Antonio river to convert the natives and build protection against Apache raiders. As time went on they served as hospitals and fell into disrepair as the native populations they depended on died in huge numbers from European diseases. The churches continue to have active congregations in each of the four missions south of the center of downtown. The Alamo is the most famous of the 5 missions, but definitely the least impressive. Also, there is no basement in the Alamo.


These pieces are fused and fabricated out of silver and copper mesh. They were recently displayed in the popup exhibition I helped organize called Equinox Presents: OCHO, which brought eight San Antonio metalsmiths to the SNAG Conference in Boston. I am pleased with how they turned out!RoseWindowCaitie2RoseWindowCaitie (1)La Ventana de Rosa, Argentium silver & copper mesh, 3.5″x5.5″x1″
DSC_0163Arches, Argentium silver & copper mesh, 3.75″x5″x1″
DSC_0174Grotto #1, Argentium silver, sterling silver, and copper mesh, 3.25″x2″x.5″ on 30″ chain.DSC_0182DSC_0171Grotto #2, Argentium silver, Sterling silver, & copper mesh, 3.25″x2″x.5″ on 30″ chain.


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