Home Sweet NOT Studio

Oh thank the art-gods, the studio is out of my house! And good riddance! What am I always talking about being bad at? Work-life balance. You know what happens when you put your studio in your 750 sq ft house that you share with two cats and your boyfriend? NOT THAT. IMG_0478

Just look at those windows. Wasted behind my soldering table with the blinds down so I could see my metal temps. Those heart-of-pine wood floors having mandrels dropped on them. Shame!
IMG_0412But all is well. I’ve been accepted as a resident and co-director of San Antonio’s Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery. Our building hosts a gallery in which we put on shows- a few of our own, a few invited, and we put out an annual call for proposals. Behind the gallery we have 6 cubicle spaces where we residents do what we do. There’s a photographer, a mixed-media and installation artist, two ceramicists, and two of us metalworkers. I’ve been here two months and I am SO HAPPY. Plus it’s literally 3 blocks from my house. IMG_0511The back entrance is all minty-gold goodness.IMG_0480_2IMG_0485IMG_0541

Mr. Romeo continues to earn his keep by installing my ventilation, building a loft, and being cute like a squirrel.IMG_0482Extremely cool original tin ceiling.

10991504_10153599319994045_7887686171580133029_oAdded bonus: community, new friends, good art, people to drink PBR with.

CAM-15.3Our next show opens on Saturday, March 21st and features works by six artists individually picked by us residents. We have a blog, and I’m going to take on building a real website as my first order of business as co-director…. so stay tuned.


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